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Carlo Carbone

Sound Engineer

Personal Statement

Mix and Mastering engineer, Composer, Producer, Sound Designer; a master’s degree in Digital Audio Production (dolby digital), currently seeking a new position in all or one of the mentioned competences.

Able to use most of the important DAW actually in use, working both ITB and OTB and great skill to achieve pristine sound in any cases; has yielded very good results in mix and mastering sessions, as well as music composition and teaching audio production through online courses. Thanks to the ever growing collaboration with artists from abroad, his experience became more and more solid and able to face almost any kind of production.



  • Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Sound Design;
  • Creating music for any application; creative use of sample libraries; sound synthesis
  • Knowledge of the most actual VST plugins and libraries on the market, as well as samplers like Kontakt;
  • advanced use of Pro Tools (expert level),
  • good knowledge of Cubase and Ableton Live;
  • advanced skills on digital music, analog gear and technical knowledge about audio engineering;
  • Sound Restoration;
  • Midi Programmer (Including Virtual Orchestra and Drums);
  • Remixing or Revisiting existing audio material;
  • On-line audio services and assistance for Win and Mac; PC Builder for audio purposes;


Work Experience

2006 to 2006 Studio Arkì, Bologna

Audio Editing

Italian Voiceover for the game “Splinter Cell 4”

2006 to 2006 Ottofilm, Rome

Field recording and boom operator

Italian documentary, DVD release

2006 to Now Double Headroom studio, Messina

Mix engineer

Own project studio

2009 to Now Freelance, Italy

Mix and Mastering engineer

From February 2017 Teacher of the sound engineer course at the Modern Music Institute – MMI Messina, National Institute of Advanced of Musical Disciplines Directed by M° Antonio Berenato.


White Rose Acoustic Duo; Jill Saward(ENG); Dean Davies(ENG); Checco Marsella(GIGANTI); Sam Ashrafi (USA); The Insane Stage; North Carolina Film Orchestra (USA); Riccardo Latteri; Luigi Montagna; OdeonMusica Studio(ROME); Esserecording Studio (ARTENA); Swith Muse Prod.(LECCE) and many others…


1990 to 1995 High School, Italy

Agricultural expert

2006 to 2006 Graduate School, Italy

Master “Digital Audio Production Dolby Digital”