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Carmelo Mafali

piano teacher

Carmelo Mafali is one of the most eclectic pianist/composers of our times.

Starting from the eighties, his range of compositions, recordings, live performances and collaborations is vast and impressive.

He started studying classical piano at the age of nine, at the Corelli conservatory in his hometown Messina.

When he was eighteen, he was already playing as a solo jazz pianist in important meetings, performing on stages with tremendous names, like Elvin Jones, Max Roach, Ian Carr’s Nucleus, Airto Moreira, Dexter Gordon, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Massimo Urbani.

At the same time, he started composing music for theater plays and performances, together with ethnic multi-instrumentalist Giancarlo Parisi, performing those pieces on stage.

At the age of 22 he moved to Germany, where he studied composition and classical piano, three years in Wuppertal, then moving to Cologne, maybe the most prolific and creative city in Germany, from 1985 to the mid nineties.

He quickly found a fertile ground for learning classical and jazz skills, electronic wizardies, through studio and live gigs and hundreds of links to figurative arts, theater and literature.

He has also being performing in Russia, USA, France, England, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Belgium and many other countries, and he has on his account more than 120 TV shows.

The number of recordings and concerts from 1984 to year 2002 ist astounding, as well as his uncountable collaborations with artists of pop, soul, and blues, such as Rufus Thomas, Gloria Gaynor, Ohio Express, Nena, Bobby Kimball of  Toto,  Anne Haigis, De Angelo, Renè Pretschner, Marla Glen, Off, Interface, Mousse T., Can, Delegation, Wolf Hoffmann of Accept, and many others.

He made music for movies in Germany, Austria and Italy, advertiments for tv and movie theathers, for Opel, Warsteiner, Ramazzotti and other firms, music for the dancer and coreographer Aida, including two shows for her multi-ethnic ensemble, and one album release in Berlin.

His interest for classical composition and piano improvisation has been raising since 1999, when he first released two pieces for piano and orchestra on the Greenhouse Label double album Nocturna., with Renè Pretschner.

Since then, his number of orchestral and smaller ensemble compositions has been growing dramatically, as well as his interest for instruments like church organ and classical guitar, for which he also wrote several pieces.

After the premature departure in 2012 of his brother Pippo Mafali bassist and composer, with whom he shared hundreds of musical experiences and recordings, Carmelo Mafali is now following the path of composing, and the fine art of piano improvisation, in the very different styles and manners which are all familiar to him.

Recently, he’s been working with Wolf Hoffmann’s Concerto Mondiale, together with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and he actually wrote symphonic arrangements for the ethnic classical project Aria di Faber.